Manual Check Valve Manufacturer

Engimek Controls is one of the leading Manual Check Valve supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. We manufacture our all industrial valves as per set industrial norms and standards, using premium quality raw materials. Check valves are defined as the valves that are made to prevent back flow in various piping systems. These valves are also known as non return valve or NRV. This valve works on simple principle, where fluid pressure opens the valve and it will close by fluid reversal. This function allows easy fluid flow and shut automatically as pressure start to decease.

Sometime these valves are used with gate valves to provide combination of free flow. They have two ports in the body. One port is used for fluid entry and another is used for the fluid leaving. Manual Check valves are used in many applications either in household or in industrial applications. They are very simple, small and inexpensive but available in customize sizes also. In most cases they do not require any control mechanism as they can work automatically. They find application in power plants and chemical industry moreover they are widely used in pump dispenser, spray, air pump, dispensing syringes and many more.

Special type manual check valves are used to feed water in nuclear system, dump lines and various process systems. They are also used in space craft and air craft for attitude/reaction control system where high temperature and vibration is present. A gas station where multiple gases are going to mix in main gas stream, check valve is useful to prevent mixing in original source. Most industrial valves are available in metal or plastic body. Being a leading manual check valve manufacturer and supplier, we are capable to offer customized manual check valve as per customer specifications.

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