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Working of Pneumatic Ball Valve

The pneumatic ball valve, which is made up of a pneumatic actuator, saves a lot of time and money. The actuator accelerates the opening and closing of the valve body, allowing it to cut off in seconds. With a switch speed of 0.05s/time, it has the fastest execution. Single-acting and double-acting actuators are available. The accessories on a pneumatic ball valve head, such as the triplet, limit switch, and positioner, are used to regulate and throttle the flow. The system is also controlled via a remote control on the control box.

The pressurised air must enter the pneumatic actuator through the pneumatic ball valve. The ball core is rotated from 0 to 90 degrees by air, and it has a little rotating torque to regulate the valve switch. The ball core of the valve regulates medium flow during opening, and the ball rotates along the valve's centerline to achieve opening. The valve closes tightly when the ball spins 90 degrees. To achieve the speedy cut-off, the actuator starts working and the valve can be readily closed by a little moment of simple rotation.

The ball valve is a compact structure that eases the work and is suitable for general working media.

Application of Pneumatic Ball Valve

Pneumatic ball valves use a revolving ball with a bore to control the flow of a media, such as liquid or gas. In factories and manufacturing facilities, pneumatic ball valves are used. They're also frequent on OEM equipment that has access to compressed air, such as liquid filling equipment or automobile fluid fill systems. They find application in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Oil, Gas, Food, Power, Chemical and so on.

Advantages of Pneumatic Ball Valve

  • Fluid resistance is minimal
  • Simple structure, small size, lightweight
  • Reliable and Tight
  • Simple to use, quick to open and close
  • Maintenance is simple
  • Wide range of applications
  • Relatively safe than Hydraulic and Electrical Valves
  • Larger diameters are also available

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