Electrical Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

We are one of the customer centric quality conscious firm and established ourself as a leading Electrical Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Supplier, Manufacturer & Exporter in India. We always make sure that our offerings are prepared using the world-class raw material and work methods. These valves are truly 'Fit & Forget', which requires minimum maintenance. The body lines which also functions as the soft seat comes in an integrally molded version & offers bi-directional sealing against vacuum up maximum limit of pressure.

The Electrical Butterfly valve is mainly used in industries that work under extreme pressure and temperatures. The metal seats are designed to make the valve much more versatile and durable, so that they can easily withstand high pressures and temperatures. Common applications that use butterfly valves include: utilities, pulp and paper, oil and gas production, fuel handling systems, marine, petrochemical processing, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

An Electric Butterfly Valve operates in a quarter turn style, meaning that rotating the closed disc 90° will fully open the valve, and vice versa. They can also be opened incrementally in order to throttle flow. This can be accomplished manually, but throttling flow is more precise when used in conjunction with an actuator. Actuators can be customized to allow incremental flow, by using modulating boards in the case of electric actuators.

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