Manual Gate Valves Supplier

Engimek Controls is one of the leading Manual Gate Valves supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. We have capabilities to offer customized gate valve solutions to suit your varying application requirement. Our manual gate valves are mostly utilised in pipeline systems for on-off and flow regulation, but they can also be used as isolating valves. The valve is operated by rotating it clockwise to open or clockwise to close it, while the operative gate slides up or down depending on the use.

Manual Gate Valves Working

A manual gate valve is used to completely shut off or fully open a piping system to allow full fluid passage. It takes up the smallest amount of space with the pipe axis and does not limit fluid flow when working in an open environment. Because manual gate valves are easier to install in big piping systems than other valves, they are commonly utilised in large systems. Bypass valves are a sort of small valve that is connected with fluid flow before gate valve and are sometimes used with gate valves to lessen flow pressure in bigger systems. Because there is no obstruction in the fluid flow, the pressure loss from a manual gate valve is minimal when it is open. When a partial open valve is partially opened, it is more prone to wear and suffers from position movement from its allocated position due to vibration.

Manual Gate Valves Application

In diverse sectors such as chemical, refineries, petrochemical, and gas plants, manual gate valves are generally utilised to control fluid flow of water, oil, gas, steam, and air. For cleaning and monitoring purposes, full bore gate valves are utilised in oil/gas pipelines. They can also control the flow using standard on/off applications. The viscous fluid flow in the pipe line is controlled by an unique knife edge gate valve. The manual gate valve is suited for applications that need minimal pressure loss. It is a multi-turn valve, which means it must be turned numerous times to change position from open to close; this sluggish operation prevents water hammering.

Manual Gate Valves Supplier & Manufacturer

With continuous effort and large experience, we have become one of the leading Manual gate valves supplier, manufacturer and exporter company in India. We ensure to provide excellent quality products to satisfy customer need and applications. We are able to fulfil your product requirement with our customized solution at best prices.

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