Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Supplier

Engimek Automation is a leading Pneumatic Butterfly Valve supplier, manufacturer and exporter in the valve industry. These valves are highly preferable because of their durability and extended life. Valves of various pressure classes are available with us. We also provide Single-acting and double-acting pneumatically operated butterfly valves. These valves are classified as quarter turn valves. It may be installed between two flanges in a rigid pipe system and is also appropriate for vacuum applications, which is why it is the first choice of clients. We manufacture Actuated Butterfly Valves in numerous body types and sizes according to their usage and performance.

Working of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Butterfly valves have a simple mechanism and are easy to use, therefore they require less maintenance. They are installed in the middle of the fluid flow. A disc is attached to a central rod, which turns the disc quarterly to open and close the door. The Butterfly metal disc rotates a quarter turn to allow fluid to pass indefinitely, and the slow opening valve reduces the flow, while turning the disc closes the valve and stops the flow. This valve is controlled by a pneumatic actuator that is mounted on it and is operated by pressured air. It no one needs to control the valve, but the pneumatic actuator does so quickly and easily at the lowest cost and with the greatest safety.

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Applications

Pneumatic Butterfly Valves are commonly utilised for liquid and slurry materials. Because of their simple operation and ease of use, they are particularly popular in the valve industry. Pneumatic Butterfly Valves are ideal for controlling combustible liquids such as petrochemicals, air, oil, and gas. They are also used in high pressure, high temperature water and steam services. It is pneumatically powered, allowing for quick functionality while also keeping it safe from fire and electric short circuits. As a result, it is the most cost-effective electricity-operated valve. known as one of the reputed pneumatic butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer, clients can avail best quality valve at affordable prices.

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