Globe Valve Manufacturer

Established in 2017, We are one of the leading Globe Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We produce different type of valve products using superior quality raw material as per set industrial standards. Our globe valves are used to control fluid flow and have start and stop operations. The globe valve's disc can either entirely limit or completely allow fluid flow. During the valve's open and close functions, the disc rotates in a perpendicular direction. Due to its throttling ability, globe valves can effectively regulate fluid flow, although they have a higher pressure drop (due to fluid flow resistance) than gate or ball valves.

Working of Globe Valve

Globe valve offers close seal between disk and seat, it becomes possible because right angle contact between seat ring with disc provide minimum amount of leakage from the valve as compared to any other valve. That is why this linear motion globe valve mainly used in system where leakage controlling and flow regulation is more important. The disc of a globe valve can close against or in the same direction as the fluid flow. When the disc closes against the flow direction, the fluid's kinetic energy prevents the valve from closing but helps it open. The kinetic energy of the fluid promotes closing but impedes opening when the disc closes in the same direction as the flow. When quick-acting stop valves are required, this feature outperforms alternative designs. These valves find application in vent and drain due to their leak tightening properties. They are widely used to regulate high pressure steam. They are also used in chemical, water treatment, oil, food, air and other services where pressure drop is not an important. Moreover it is also used as an automatic control valve.

Globe Valve Functions

The fundamental function of a globe valve is to start, stop, or adjust flow. The disc travels upward when the valve opens, allowing the fluid to flow accordingly. The valve stem rises and pops out at the top when the valve is open. Globe valves are commonly utilised in diameters of 12 inches or less. The amount of electricity needed to operate a valve increases in direct proportion to its size. A globe valve is commonly used for on/off control, but it can also be used for throttling.

Globe Valve Flow Direction

Globe valve are often mounted with the pressure under the disc in low-temperature applications. This facilitates the procedure and protects the packaging. Globe valves are mounted so that the pressure is well above the disc in high-temperature steam applications. Otherwise, as the stem cools, it will compress, lifting the disc off the seat.

Advantages of Globe Valve

  • Excellent shutdown capabilities
  • Throttling ability ranges from moderate to excellent
  • Stroke shortening
  • Tee, wye, and angle patterns are all available, each has its own set of advantages
  • The seats are simple to machine or resurface
  • Valve can also be used as stop-check valve if the disc is not connected to the stem.

Applications of Globe Valve

  • Cooling water systems that require flow regulation
  • Fuel oil system with regulated flow and a focus on leaktightness
  • When leaktightness and safety are paramount, use high point vent and low point drains
  • System components include feedwater, chemical feed, condensing air extraction, and extraction drain
  • Heater drainage, boiler vents and drains, and main steam vents and drains
  • Seals and drains for turbines
  • Others include the turbine lubrication oil system

Leading Globe Valve Manufacturer

We offer efficient globe valve made in our automated manufacturing unit using superior quality raw material. Our exceptional quality valves are appreciated for their ability to control fluid flow. Being a leading globe valve manufacturer and supplier, we are offering customize valve solution to customers to suit their application at cost effective prices.

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