Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Supplier

At Engimek, we have made our positions as leading Triple Offset Butterfly Valve supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Our offered valves are widely used in various industries such as Food, Oil, Chemical, Gas, Manufacturing and many others to fulfil their customize applications. We have expertise to offer customized product solutions in all type of material as per your industrial and commercial requirement. We are here to provide expert suggestion and best solution to decide which type of industrial valve is best for your project application. Our large client base and mutual partnership with our precise customers across the globe speaks about our product quality and services.

Working of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve:

Triple offset butterfly valves also know as (TOV) have three separate offsets. The TOV has two offsets placed on the center while the third is on the seating surface. These kinds of valves are used in applications where a tight bubble shut-off is required and hard sealing surfaces are required with zero leakage (soft seat) or rated leakage. The triple offset butterfly valve has very low maintenance and is lightweight which has an extended valve life. Valves are best for high-temperature gases and oils.

The disc is positioned through the pipe and a rod passes through it to an actuator outside the valve. The disc turns parallel or perpendicular when the actuator is rotated. The orientation of the valve may be vertical or horizontal which depends on the valve’s dimension. Valves should be protected with other devices to prevent over-pressurization and for a smooth operation, valves should be monitored and inspected every 3 months or 50 cycles.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Application

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are very useful in applications that demand a bubble-tight shutoff. Double offset butterfly valves cannot provide bubble-tight shutoff in particular applications. Traditional butterfly valves are not well suited to some applications, such as those containing toxic chemicals or mediums containing microscopic particles that might clog valves and pipelines. In these situations, Triple Offset Technology outperforms the competition. It is an effective and offer tight application, which is used in the chemical, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Choose the best Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Supplier

Engimek saves space and weight while lowering installation and maintenance costs when compared to Gate Valve, Globe Valve, or Ball Valves of the equal size and pressure class. Traditional valves are outperformed by triple offset valves in terms of durability, dependability, and cost of ownership. When it comes to select best Triple Offset Butterfly Valve supplier and manufacturer, we are always available to provide best solution. Reach out to us and we will help you to find effective and efficient valve solution for your project.

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